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Leverage your infrastructure and your workforce by exploring AI solutions.
We provide end-to-end image analysis, vision AI expertise, and AI-consulting service on different business verticals.
Your simple data can be turned into a working AI.

What We Do

We help solve business challenges with AI

We form strategic partnerships in identifying and solving new opportunities and challenges in your business vertical. 

You can provide the data and we will label, train, and deploy the solution to accelerate your business.

Analyze and help you prioritize the challenges that can be solved using AI.


Explore the data and resources needed to tackle the opportunity in your business vertical.


Build the infrastructure for your business in labeling, training, and deploying the AI solution.


The Data

We will clean and analyze the data you’ll provide.


The AI

We will build the right AI solution and deploy the models


The Deliverables

We will provide and maintain an AI-powered interface you can use.

Our Technology

Comprehensive AI solution for your business

From trademark searches based on your logo (rather than the traditional text-based searches others offer), AI-powered image search solution for your enterprise, to our generative image-building solution that takes the images you input and develops new iterations.

At Simple Intelligence, we offer a comprehensive suite of AI-based solutions that’s custom-made depending on your business needs.


Image Search

AI-powered visual search engine using color schema and example images. Detect duplicates and search for your offline images.


Image Generation

Machine learning and artificial intelligence combined to analyze images you input, then creates new and unique images.


Trademark Search

Do image-based searches of logos and trademark registration databases around the world using the power of Vision AI.


Alerting System

Power your network alerts with AI and detect anomalies early, allowing repairs and slashing disruptions due to unexpected downtime.

 Our Service

The human touch:
Image Labeling

When it comes to training your image-recognition systems, sometimes the human touch is required. Well-tagged images allow for the most accurately trained AI.

Let our team of human operators do the legwork to ensure your dataset is as accurately tagged and labeled as possible, drastically cutting learning time and improving ROI.

Let our team of experts accurately tag and label your images for improved AI training.


Manage high-volume data with a pipeline or use our AI-powered tools that can scrape data for labeling. 


We provide the most accurate and cost-effective image labeling service in the market.

With the right AI partnership, you can solve business issues, automate business processes, leverage your infrastructure, platform, and expertise, and save millions.

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David Wu, Founder and CEO of VinAudit Inc.

Simple Intelligence helped us with image processing and synthetic data generation needed for our business, with limited upfront cost. We were able to experiment new ideas without millions of dollars in investment in infrastructure or talent.