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AI Data Labeling Service

When it comes to training your image-recognition systems, sometimes the human touch is required. Well-tagged images allow for the most accurately trained AI.


How much it cost

Image Classification

Tag your images and videos for meaningful categorization.


Bounding Box Detection

Locate people, places and things within your images and videos

Text Classification

Identify and summarize the topics covered in a set of text

 Our Service

What we can do

Our AI-assisted labeling service will provide you the most accurate, cross validated, and annotated data available in the industry.

Collecting and sourcing your data from different locations.

Coining the taxonomy required for labeling your data.

Assigning experienced labelers who can finish your task in no time.

Testing the results of our labeling with small samples of production data to ensure quality, and iterate as needed before completing the full set of production data.

Processing the full dataset based on iteration testing and your feedback. Our field engineering team will package and format your data according to your specifications.

Get started with a state-of-the-art image labeling service, in the most cost-effective way possible.

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David Wu, Founder and CEO of VinAudit Inc.

Simple Intelligence helped us with image processing and synthetic data generation needed for our business, with limited upfront cost. We were able to experiment new ideas without millions of dollars in investment in infrastructure or talent.

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